How to deal with a miscarriage

Internal medicine at Westford, where doctors have been trained to treat patients, has been criticized for treating miscarriages and for not treating the pregnant woman.

Westford Internal Medicine’s director of medical services said the medical staff is a team and that they are “working hard” to change the culture.

Dr. Gary W. Williams said Westford is a family-centered organization and that staff members feel “totally valued” and have a responsibility to the patients and the community to “do the right thing and provide care and support” as they care for them.

He said Westfield staff is “trained to treat women with infertility issues and are well versed in fetal medicine and are very committed to providing women with the care and treatment that they need.

We are focused on providing an environment that’s conducive to fetal development, and we are taking steps to make that happen, said Williams.

Westfield is not a gynecologist, and Williams said it’s up to individual doctors to determine whether or not a patient needs to be seen by a doctor.

He described internal medicine as a “family-centered practice” and said it encourages patient-centered care.

Williams said the family-centric approach to treating the fetus in the womb and its impact on the developing fetus and child is a good example of a team that has “very, very high standards.”

He said internal medicine has a “very strong, highly developed culture.”

Williams said a large majority of the Westfield internal medicine patients come from families that are also practicing in another profession, such as obstetrics, gynecology, family medicine, obstetral and gynaecology, pediatricians, internal medicine, or general surgery.

He added that “some of our internal medicine residents may be in the labor market, some may be working in the health care industry, and some may not have a health care credential.”

Williams acknowledged the patient-centric culture may be a disadvantage in some circumstances, but he said the internal medicine staff at Westfield is “truly committed to being a team” and that the staff’s role is to “be there for the patient and their family, and to be the first line of support to make sure that they get the best care possible.”WILLIAMS: What we’re learning is that we have to do more for patients, especially in terms of women who have the right prenatal care.

But we also have to be realistic and recognize that this is a difficult time for them and their families, and that’s why we’ve got to find a way to be more inclusive and be able to support them in all aspects of their lives.