A nurse’s view on maternity leave

New York City’s maternity leave policy is among the most generous in the country, but it doesn’t guarantee that a nurse will be able to take the time off from her job to be with her newborn.

The city’s policy allows for up to 36 hours of unpaid leave during the first trimester, but that can be waived if a mother’s health condition prevents her from working.

It’s not clear if that exemption is currently available to a nurse, or if there is an exemption in the current policy.

There is a general rule that nurses are supposed to take paid time off if they’re working during the second trimester of pregnancy, but in practice, some nurse positions are exempted from that rule.

“I don’t think you should assume that if you’re pregnant you can be a full-time nurse,” said Sara Kagan, a New York-based nurse and co-founder of Moms in Charge.

“It depends on the needs of your family.”

The state of New York has also set aside time for mothers and newborns to spend with their families on a per-parent basis.

But those hours are typically tied to the first four weeks of a child’s life, so some New York moms may not get the time to visit as often.

Some moms, like Lauren Siegel, said they want to get more of a hands-on role during those four weeks.

A new mom of two, Siegel says that she doesn’t like the idea of having to leave work to care for her newborn, so she takes an extended break between the first and second trimesters of her pregnancy.

In the meantime, she says she enjoys her time with her husband and kids.

Siegel is also looking forward to spending time with the baby, and getting to spend some quality time with other people she cares about.

For her, it’s about more than just time off.

“I just want to be able go out and enjoy the time with my family,” Siegel said.

“I want to spend more time with them.”

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