Vanderbilt University Medical Group says it will invest in its internal medicine network


— Vanderbilt University Medical Center said Wednesday it is putting $3.4 million into its internal health network.

The hospital is the first in the state to join a group of four medical centers that include the University of Texas Medical Branch.

The investment comes after a yearlong study by the hospital and other private medical providers and the UTMB’s Board of Directors.

It comes after Vanderbilt’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kevin D. McPherson, announced last year that the hospital had joined a network of more than 400 health centers in other states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, including its own in Virginia.

“Vanderbilt’s commitment to internal medicine will help us continue to meet and exceed the needs of our patients and improve the care we provide,” McPhersons chief of staff, Drs.

Amy Sussman and Julie R. McKeever, said in a statement.

“As the nation’s largest hospital for primary care, we see ourselves as an integral part of our community and the health care workforce, so we are excited to partner with Vanderbilt to build on that success.”

The investment is expected to be used to expand its internal network and expand its physician workforce, as well as to hire more physicians, nurses and other staff.

The company also is building a new primary care clinic and adding additional physicians and staff, the statement said.

“In addition to the hospital’s internal health services, the Vanderbilt HealthCare network provides physicians with high-quality care at competitive prices and is among the nation, if not the world, leaders in the delivery of health care and quality of life services for our community,” the statement added.

“Our internal medicine and primary care physicians are committed to making our facilities as safe and secure as possible, and we will continue to take every measure to protect them.”

The statement did not elaborate on what steps the hospital is taking to improve the health and safety of its staff.

Vanderbilt plans to open a new doctor’s office and expand a primary care practice in the fall.

It also will create a new physician residency program and expand care for its uninsured patients.

The UTMB was the first medical provider in the country to join the Vanderbilt network in 2020.

The network will become available to the general public in 2021, McPhesons statement said, and Vanderbilt will use the funds to further expand its primary care physician workforce.

“The Vanderbilt Health Care network provides primary care professionals with high quality care at low cost at Vanderbilt hospitals,” McKeoney said in the statement.

The university has partnered with a network in California to expand care at a new clinic, and it will open a second physician’s office in the coming months, the hospital said.

Vanderbilt said it expects to complete its internal healthcare network by 2021.

In 2018, the university added a primary health care clinic at its main campus in Nashville, Tennessee, and the city will soon have its own clinic, according to the university.

The new primary health clinic and a secondary clinic are in Nashville and will be located at Vanderbilt’s new primary campus in Newnan, Tennessee.

In addition, the UT MB plans to create a secondary health care provider and expand other services in New Mexico and California, according the statement, and to establish a primary and secondary physician residency programs in Arizona and Hawaii.

The expansion of primary care is the latest in a string of initiatives from Vanderbilt to add more physicians and health care workers to its health care system.

In January, the University Health System of Minnesota announced it was adding nearly 500 health care professionals to its primary-care and other services, including primary-line doctors and nurse practitioners.

The Minnesota university, which serves about 3.2 million people, also plans to add a third physician’s practice and expand health care services in Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.

In September, the Tennessee state legislature approved a $15.5 million infusion of state funds into the UT System to fund medical schools and research, a move that was hailed by critics as a sign that the state was moving toward greater accountability.


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