UF doctor who was shot by his own staff denies wrongdoing

UF Health in Alabama has issued a statement in response to a report that Dr. Jeffery L. Marshall, a professor of internal medicine at the university, shot his own physician when he was trying to arrest him.

The university’s statement says that Marshall was trying “to arrest a patient” when he opened fire on Dr. Brian J. McLeod, the doctor who treated Marshall and McLeod at the hospital.

Marshall’s attorney said the shooting was justified.

The statement says: “We are deeply saddened and heartbroken by the news that our family has been subjected to a violent act of domestic terrorism.”

We are fully cooperating with the investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and are cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation of this incident.

We are also cooperating with our hospital partners in this investigation.

“The hospital says that it has suspended its relationship with Marshall.UF said it would not comment further on the incident or discuss any other medical issues.

In a statement, the university said: “This incident has caused us tremendous distress and grief and we are committed to our core values of compassion and empathy, inclusiveness, and respect for all.

We will continue to work with law authorities to determine the full extent of this tragedy and to learn more about what happened.

The safety and well-being of all is our number one priority.

We have an obligation to be responsive to the needs of all patients, including those whose care we provide.

We cannot and will not compromise on our commitment to this responsibility.

We support all of our medical professionals in any investigation.

“This is a developing story.

We’ll update this article when more information becomes available.