‘It’s not about the stats’ for St. Louis Cardinals defense as injuries hit

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office says four deputies were killed and at least six others were wounded when a helicopter crashed during an anti-terrorism operation in the St. Clair County suburb of Chautauqua.

Sheriff Greg Manko says the helicopter crashed near a house where four deputies lived.

He says one deputy was killed and six others sustained injuries.

Deputies were responding to a report of a domestic dispute, Mankow said.

They found a vehicle parked outside the home with a number of deputies inside.

Deputy Mark Harkes, 29, was killed in the crash, Minkow said in a statement.

Deportees from the Chautausqua, Illinois, police department also died in the incident.

The sheriff’s office says the two police officers were transported to St. Bernard Hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri, where they were later pronounced dead.

The helicopter that crashed, a Cessna, was part of an international anti-terror operation against ISIL.

Sheriffs Office spokesman Tom Strom said that the sheriff’s department would not discuss what caused the crash.