Internal medicine’s latest medical breakthrough

Internal medicine has a new way of treating serious conditions, thanks to a breakthrough discovery made by a Perth hospital.

Key points:A new type of treatment, a cannabidiol (CBD) oil, can reduce pain for many people with COVID-19A new drug, a CBD oil, is being developed by Perth-based Dr Stephen Caromont, who has worked at Perth’s University of Western AustraliaThe drug, called CBD, has been found to be safe and effectiveIn a paper published today in the journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Dr Stephen Carlomont has revealed the discovery that will see his work expanded to other conditions, such as COVIDs, and eventually help doctors treat all sorts of conditions.

“We have now developed a new treatment that can be used to reduce the pain associated with a variety of conditions,” Dr Carlomons said.

“This is a new approach to treating COVID and we think it could be used for a range of conditions that are not as well understood.”

It will help a lot of patients and doctors, but also for the general public.

“The CBD oil is derived from a plant called Cannabis sativa.

Dr Carloms research has found it to be extremely effective in reducing the symptoms of COVID.”

If you look at COVID in Australia, there are around 20 million cases and the number of deaths that occur is about 50,000, but COVID is only caused by a few hundred cases,” Dr Caromons research found.”

The average death rate is around 0.5 per cent, but the rate of COID deaths is 100,000 per year.

“There is no cure, but CBD oil does seem to reduce that number dramatically.”

“The new drug is a CBD Oil.

It’s a cannabinoid compound which is an extract of the plant, which we know is very safe and it has been shown to be a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.”

Dr Caromon’s research also showed that CBD oil can be given intravenously to a patient to help alleviate pain.

“What we have done is we have put in a patient who had a heart attack, and they took a CBD-rich solution of water and a CBD drug to the heart, and then we put them back on the cardiothoracic massage machine,” Dr CAROMONS said.

Dr Caroons team, led by the University of Perth’s Dr Andrew Rundle, is now researching the treatment and development of CBD oil for other conditions.

Dr Rundle said it was a huge step for the field.

“I’m really happy to see the research that’s been done by Dr Stephen and his team and the research I’m now doing in my lab.”

When I first heard about this research in the 1980s, I didn’t realise how much I was really helping patients,” Dr Rundle told ABC News.”

That’s why I’m happy to be part of the team that’s now doing the research, to make sure that we can help other people.

“The research team is now working on finding a way of using CBD oil to help reduce the symptoms and signs of COV-19, such to the eyes and skin, that are so common.”

They’re not necessarily all that common, but when they occur, they’re pretty severe, so the pain is pretty severe,” Dr Cramons said of COVE-19.”

In some cases, they’ll come and then they can’t breathe.

There’s a lot that we don’t know.

“Dr Carlomon said the research was a long way off.”

But this is a real breakthrough, it shows a new therapeutic approach that can help people and I think it’s going to be very helpful for the future.””

For some people, it may take a few years.”

But this is a real breakthrough, it shows a new therapeutic approach that can help people and I think it’s going to be very helpful for the future.

“Dr CAROMON said CBD oil was an important part of his research, and he hoped it would one day help treat a range from COVEs to chronic pain.

He said the CBD oil that he developed would be useful to anyone suffering from COVID, including the elderly and children.”

These are very difficult illnesses that can take a long time, so it would be a wonderful treatment for them,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

Dr CAROON said COVE19 patients needed more than a new medicine, but better support and advice.”

A lot of these people have experienced what’s going on and are desperate to find support,” he explained.”

So we need to do a lot more than just say, ‘well this is good, now you’re going to go and get your treatment’.

“We need to make it a more appropriate approach to the situation.”

Dr Crams also said CBD was being used in the treatment of cancer, and said the drug could be a future


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