How an Ohio nurse who went from being an emergency room doctor to an academic researcher is getting her medicine again

By KAREN L. WILKINS-BROWNAPEDGEAssociated PressMARYLAND(AP)MARYLOTON, Ohio (AP)After more than a decade of work in the field, Mary Lotte Moran’s work as an emergency medicine doctor has given way to the research she has been doing for more than 20 years.

It’s a bittersweet time for Moran, who has spent decades at the heart of an outbreak that has killed more than 800 people and sickened millions more.

She says her work in a small town in central Ohio was one of the first to be disrupted by a pandemic and she’s now doing her best to stay connected to patients.

In the early 2000s, Moran was the chief of infectious disease at the University of Dayton.

She worked with some of the earliest people to see how people in the city of 2 million were suffering from the flu.

Her work included monitoring the spread of influenza in the county and also developing a new flu vaccine.

She worked for more of 20 years at the Ohio State University Medical Center, where she studied infection control and pandemic surveillance.

She has been a research scientist since 2008.

In May, Moran returned to work at Johns Hopkins University, where her work is focused on the effects of coronavirus on the brain and nervous system.

Her research involves using brain scans to help doctors figure out how people with severe mental illnesses develop mental illness and how to treat it.

She has been with the university since 2008, according to the university.

Moran said she doesn’t know how long she’ll remain at Johns, but that she is excited to be working with scientists at the university, including Dr. Mark Sacco.

Moron said her research at Johns has been especially beneficial to her because of the university’s focus on health care delivery, which she feels helps people with mental illnesses.

She said she learned about a new vaccine from a Johns researcher.

“When you’re in a position where you can really understand how you can help people and you’re a part of that, you’re going to have a bigger impact,” she said.

The Ohio state Department of Health says the coronaviral coronaviruses that have struck Ohio have been linked to many deaths.


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