What if we had a way to monitor the symptoms of our doctors?

Health officials are considering a new program to monitor doctors’ prescribing habits and monitor their patient outcomes after the deaths of three of their own doctors. 

A doctor who was recently released from a facility for chronic pain is a prime example. 

His wife died last year after suffering a stroke at home. 

In the aftermath of her death, doctors at Woodway Internal Medicine in Woodsville, Virginia, received a report from a patient in April that their physician was prescribing a higher number of prescriptions for pain medication than they needed. 

The patient reported that her doctor had prescribed more than 40 different painkillers in a 24-hour period. 

But the patient’s doctors said that the patient was not receiving her medications. 

It wasn’t until a second report was received by Woodway that the doctor was charged with criminal negligence causing her death. While the medical director of the hospital was initially unaware of the patient, she told a board meeting about the incident and the doctor was immediately suspended. 

Woodwood Internal Medicine said in a statement that it “did everything we could to help” the patient but was ultimately unable to do so because the patient “was never able to make a claim to be able to access the medications she was receiving.” 

According to a report by the Federal Trade Commission, in the four months leading up to the patient’s death, Woodway received more than 200 complaints about physicians prescribing opioids, including more than 150 complaints about painkillers. 

“We are aware of the incident at Woodway Internal Medical Center, and we have since launched an internal investigation,” the hospital said in a statement. According to the FTC, Woody received an average of 17 complaints a day from its medical staff about opioid prescriptions and a significant number of those complaints came from patient referrals. 

However, Woodley has not admitted to wrongdoing and the doctor was cleared of any criminal liability, the FTC said. 

Despite the incident, Woodwood said in a statement that the hospital was committed to ensuring that patients are treated fairly and humanely. 

Dr. Michael H. F. Henshaw, the chief medical officer at West Virginia University hospital, said in an interview that the issue of prescribing opioids is a complex issue, but that there are “a lot of things that can be done to address it.” 

“In my view, we are very aware of how these things work, but we have not found any specific ways to make it more difficult for doctors to prescribe opioids,” he said.

“We are looking at how we can address this issue.” 

The FTC also issued a warning to Woodwater in May that it would consider civil and criminal penalties for potential violations. 

Although the Tiffany Woodway family is not a member of the medical community, she said that the incident has inflicted an unfortunate damage on her family and it is imperative that we do everything possible to get things right. 

Henshaw said Woodley has not released a reason for the suspension and has not yet sent a written statement to CNN. 

On Thursday, Hanshaw told CBS that he did not have any personal issues with the doctors involved, nor does he want to take action against them. 

 “I don’t think that is the kind of person that you want to see,” he said.


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