‘We are the most dangerous place in the world’ – ‘We can’t be trusted’

The worst-affected areas are in the east of France, the north of Italy, the west of England and parts of Spain.

It comes after two large wildfires ripped through northern Italy, killing dozens of people, destroying at least six homes and damaging more than 100.

The fires, which raged from late June to early July, destroyed more than 1,000 homes, killed at least 10,000 and left more than 200,000 people homeless.

In Italy, at least eight people were killed and at least 14 were missing, according to Italian authorities.

On Tuesday, Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta said there was “no doubt” that the fire was deliberately set.

“The fire is deliberately targeted, not just by the people of Lombardy, but by a terrorist group who set fires deliberately in the most vulnerable parts of Italy,” he said.

“This is a war against humanity, a war which can be stopped only by a concerted effort, by a united and coordinated effort by all countries, and it cannot be stopped by an emergency response that has nothing to do with our national security.”

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi also condemned the attacks and said that the state was prepared to respond to them.

“We are doing everything we can, but it cannot happen overnight,” he told the Italian national broadcaster RAI.

Italy has been hit by more than 20 fires in the past three years, according the country’s National Fire Protection Agency.

The country is currently facing a record-breaking number of wildfires, with an estimated 2,400 dead and 7,000 missing.

On Monday, the government announced that the capital Rome was closed to the public.


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