‘This is a miracle’: Medical school student helps fight depression with a new diet

Caromont is a student at UCSF, and his diet is all about helping his depression.

The 22-year-old has been struggling with depression for some time.

He has struggled with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder and has also struggled with depression due to his upbringing.

His diet has changed a lot since he started his medical school, Caromons new diet.

He said that since he began, his eating habits have become less and less healthy, and that he has been eating more and more unhealthy foods.

“I am a pretty fussy eater,” he said.

“I have to eat a lot of fruit, and I like vegetables.”

Caromons latest diet includes a lot more fruits and vegetables, but also less refined sugar, and a more balanced diet that includes a bit of animal protein.

Caromont’s goal is to change his eating and lifestyle habits so that he can get better.

He is not sure if he can make it in the medical field, but hopes that by following his diet and diet plan, he can change his life.

He said that the changes he made in his diet helped him feel better and felt more confident in his job.

“If I had done something like this in the past, I would have quit.

It is not a job I want to give up.

I am going to do what I can to keep doing this.”

Caroms diet includes some of the most important dietary components that a medical student needs to get through his medical residency: carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber.

Caroms doctor recommends Caromans diet includes the following nutrients:Caromans doctor said that he did not believe that Caromond diet was a healthy diet for a doctor.

He suggested that doctors should be careful when prescribing medications.

“The doctors who prescribe them should look at what the side effects are, what the risks are and then make the appropriate decisions,” he added.

“They should also know how to treat depression.”


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