‘Kannapolis’ patient dies from ‘uncontrolled’ coronavirus

On Tuesday, an internal medicine resident at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota became the second person in the United States to die of an unplanned coronaviral infection after contracting the virus.

The patient, identified as Jadine A., died of COVID-19 in March 2017, according to her family.

The Mayo Clinic has confirmed the diagnosis, and the patient’s death has been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the Mayo spokesperson, Jadina A. had been a resident of the clinic since June 2017.

She was transferred to Mayo Clinic Medical Center on April 23 and died on May 8, the spokesperson said.

She had been in the hospital for about three months.

The patient’s family is not sure how long she had been treated there.

Dr. Michael K. Haggerty, the director of Mayo Clinic’s internal medicine program, said the hospital’s emergency department has a “zero-tolerance policy” for patients in the community with COVID.

Haggerty said patients with suspected coronaviruses are placed in isolation for observation, and those with no symptoms are monitored by the Mayo team.

The Mayo Clinic is the largest provider of health care in the nation, with more than 6 million patients.

The hospital said in a statement that it is investigating the case.


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