How to Avoid Being Pushed into Being an Internal Medicine Doctor

Internal medicine is one of the most sought-after careers in medicine.

But, for many people, the profession seems to have a reputation for being too competitive and not always offering the best compensation.

The good news is that internal medicine can offer a great salary and some great benefits, so if you’re looking to improve your salary prospects, here are some tips to help you avoid being pushed into being an internal medicine doctor.1.

You don’t have to be a doctor to be an internal doctor2.

You can be an Internal Health Specialist3.

You have options to stay in the field4.

You might be able to get a job at another internal medicine firm5.

You’ll have more options in terms of job opportunities6.

You won’t be working at a hospital7.

You’re not likely to be on the payroll of a hospital8.

You aren’t likely to have to spend a significant amount of time in a hospital9.

You may be able, if you are willing to accept that you’ll be in the hospital10.

You will probably have the opportunity to earn a higher salary and have the option to retire after the program ends1.

The National Health Service2.

Health Care Professionals in the UK3.

Internal Medicine4.

Internal Medical Training5.

Internal medicine programs in Australia and New Zealand6.

Internal Health Care for Health Professionals7.

Internal medical training in Canada8.

Medical schools in Canada9.

Medical training in the US10.

Healthcare Internships and Internships in Other Countries


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