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An internal medicine physician was charged with the murder of a former patient in New York City in 2015, and prosecutors are looking into whether his colleagues in the state system of medicine may have been involved.

The medical school at the University of Albany in New Albany is investigating the killing of Dr. Nicholas DeMent, who was found dead in his home in the mid-1990s.

DeMment was the director of internal medicine at Albany Medical Center and was known for his aggressive practice of internal surgery.

DeMent was charged in 2015 with murder and was sentenced to death in 2017.

A lawyer for DeMont’s family, Jeffrey Schmitt, said his client is being investigated by state prosecutors for possible criminal involvement in the killing.

Schmitt said DeMents death was not connected to his practice.

DeMatts family said he was murdered because of his advocacy for women’s health issues.

Schmidt said in a statement that DeMency’s death was the result of a pattern of misconduct and misconduct of others by his colleagues.

He said the medical system must reform its way of treating and treating patients.

De Ment’s family and a spokeswoman for the medical school said it has been unable to speak to him or his family.