How Bronson Internal Medicine Uses Video Analytics to Understand Patients

Internal medicine doctors are used to the rigors of clinical trials and patient data collection.

But what about using that data to improve patient care?

That’s exactly what Dr. Thomas J. Bronson and his team at Bronson are doing in Bronson Diagnostics, a company Bronson has been building for more than five years.

The Bronson team has developed a system that’s designed to identify and track patients, diagnose them, and manage their care in a manner that’s optimized for their specific needs.

In other words, the system is designed to take into account the needs of your patients, while still providing you with accurate and timely diagnoses.

“We believe that the combination of video analytics and personalized data analytics is the key to making the right diagnosis,” says Bronson CEO Matthew G. DeWalt.

“This is not a quick diagnosis of an illness.

This is the long-term health of the patient.”

Bronson’s internal medicine doctor, who we’ll call Dr. Paul, has a unique perspective.

He’s spent the last five years teaching his internal medicine colleagues how to use the system and what it can tell him about the patient.

And what he says he’s learned is that it’s really helpful for doctors to use video analytics to learn more about the patients they’re seeing.

“Our goal is to get data that we can use in the clinic to improve our care and ultimately improve the quality of care we provide,” says Paul.

“That’s why we’re really focused on making sure that we get as much data as we can in order to get as many good diagnoses as we possibly can.”

And what does that data tell them about their patients?

Bronson Analytics was born out of a partnership between Bronson Health, a division of Bronson Healthcare, and internal medicine practice Dr. Michael E. McPherson at BrantaMed, an organization that’s focused on diagnosing and treating patients with chronic conditions and injuries.

Dr. McPsherry says the internal medicine department has long relied on video analytics for their internal medicine training.

But with video analytics becoming increasingly popular in the private and public sectors, the internal medical community was not as eager to invest in them.

“They didn’t have the same resources and the same understanding of how data is going to impact their patients and how it can help them improve,” says McPhersherry.

“The only way we could really understand what the data was telling us was through video analysis.”

With Bronson, Branta Med’s internal medical staff and physicians can combine video analytics with their clinical workflow to identify patients with specific conditions and then provide care based on their medical needs.

“Video analytics is an exciting field,” says Dr. Ryan M. DeFilippis, Bronson Medical Director of Technology.

“But we have to be smart about how we use it.

It’s a great tool, but it’s not the only way to do it.

The big question is: What are the things that are going to be most useful for us to learn about our patients and make sure that they’re getting the best care?”

Video analytics is different than other medical disciplines.

“There’s no single way to use it, it’s a combination of different things,” says DeFaminis.

“You can use video to show you the patient and tell you what their symptoms are and what their condition is.

You can do that with your body or your hands.

You could also use video analysis to do things like monitor your patients and to make sure they’re staying on the right medications and the right doses and what they’re eating and taking.

But ultimately, video analytics is a tool for understanding what the patient is doing, and it’s the only tool we have in clinical practice.”

DeFaminais says video analytics allows Branta med’s internal doctors to make a more informed decision on how to care for their patients.

“When you have patients with a specific condition and it is difficult to get an accurate diagnosis, you don’t want to take unnecessary steps to get the patient on the correct medication or to treat the condition,” says deFaminai.

“If you can understand what is going on inside the patient, and then you can make sure your treatment is working and the patient can benefit from it, then you have a better chance of making the best decision.”

Video analytics, as a tool, can be used to diagnose conditions, but its primary function is to help doctors better understand patients and what makes them tick.

The best doctors use video analytic tools to make an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of their patients based on all the evidence that’s available, according to DeFamineis.

Video analytics can help doctors make a smarter decision on their patients’ health, too.

“It can be really helpful to doctors to be able to use our videos to make decisions about their care,” says Eileen S. Schulze, vice president of internal medicine at Brantons internal medicine division.

“For example


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