Bluegrass Internal Medicine Residency Update

The Bluegrass internal Medicine residency program at Duke University has just announced the addition of two new members: a woman who will begin her residency at the beginning of 2018 and a woman from Arizona.

This is the second time in recent months that Duke has added a woman to the Bluegrass residency program.

Both of the new additions are members of the Department of Medicine.

They are: Dr. Amy J. Anderson, MD, PhD, FRCP, MSN, FASDP, MS, MSM, RN, MRCP Dr. Amanda M. Folsom, MSW, MD Dr. Michael W. Williams, MD , PhD, RN The University of Louisville has also announced that it will open its first new residency in 2018.

The university announced that Dr. Lisa E. Brown, a clinical professor of internal medicine and professor of psychiatry, will begin the residency in September.

She will spend four years teaching at the UofL School of Medicine and Health Sciences, where she will work with several faculty members and graduate students.

Dr. Brown will join Dr. Mary-Louise Bock, MD and Dr. Katherine A. Coyle, MD at the hospital and will join the Department’s psychiatry and behavioral sciences residency programs.


Brown and Coyle will serve as the first two residents to take their positions at the University of Kentucky in the Blueberry Institute for Internal Medicine and the Louisville-based Bluegrass Institute for Clinical Psychiatry.

Dr Brown’s appointment will open the door for other physicians to join the Blue Grass residency program, as well.

The new members of Duke’s Bluegrass residencies include a woman and a graduate student from the University at Buffalo, who will join in February 2019.

This will be the first time a Bluegrass-affiliated physician has joined a Duke internal medicine fellowship.

In addition, the University announced that two more new members will join Duke’s internal medicine program this year.

One will begin at the end of March and the other in the fall of 2019.

Both will be residents of the Bluegrasses Hospital-Clinical Medicine Residence.

This comes after a number of departures from the program in recent years.

Duke had three residencies open last year, with one of them being at the time of this article’s announcement.

Dr Darryl M. Brown was an associate professor of medicine and dean of the Duke Medicine School.

He was also a member of the founding faculty at the Center for Medicine and Technology and a member the faculty of the Institute for Health Care Policy Research.

Dr M.D. Brown served as a professor of surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Madison, and was a faculty member at the School of Nursing at the City University of New York.

He is the author of “A Patient’s Guide to Medicine: An Inside Look at Health Care in America.”

Dr. M. D. Brown received his M.S. in Clinical Medicine from Duke University in 1994.

He also earned his J.D., M.B.A., and D.


from the Duke School of Medical Education.

Dr Anderson is an associate clinical professor in internal medicine at the Duke University Medical Center, and is the chief of the division of internal diseases at the center.

Dr Coyle is an assistant professor of psychiatric medicine at Duke Medical Center.

He has been a member at least three other Duke internal health residency programs in the past.

He will join at the start of 2019, at the same time that Dr Brown is taking his position at the BlueGrasses Hospital Clinic.

In a statement, Dr Brown said, “I am honored to join this great institution and look forward to a career in medicine that has helped countless patients and their families.

I look forward also to helping the students who work here through the residency program as well as the graduate students in our department and continuing education.”

Dr Anderson added, “This is a great opportunity to be able to work closely with some of my colleagues, including a colleague who has served as the hospital’s chief of psychiatry and a colleague from Arizona who has been an expert on depression and anxiety.

I am excited to be joining Duke’s program as a physician, but I am particularly excited about working with Dr. Coyne who is a member and a dedicated and talented physician who has helped many patients.”

Dr M Brown is the first person to join Duke University’s BlueGrays internal medicine practice, which has been in existence since the 1950s.

The program is a collaboration between Duke Medicine, the Institute of Medicine, and the Department for Health and Human Services.

In 2017, the Blue Grays announced plans to close the program to members of its internal medicine community in 2019.

Duke is the only university that has not formally closed its BlueGrades residency program to the public.


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