Why you should be skeptical of Gila County’s internal medicine clinic

A Gila City internal medicine doctor says his practice is “not really a medical practice” and should not be accredited.

The Gila Clinic is the largest private practice in Gila Springs and the second largest hospital in the state.

Its practice has a reputation for high rates of violence and sexual assault, according to local and federal officials.

But the clinic is not accredited by the American Medical Association, a nonprofit that provides certification and certification review to doctors.

“This practice is not really a medically-related practice,” Dr. David Czepnick told the Gila Times.

“This is a very dangerous place.”

A medical license is required by state law, but the clinic’s doctors don’t have the necessary training.

“You cannot do this on a regular basis,” Czapnick said.

“The problem is, there are people who don’t feel safe at this facility, so they are just not coming,” Czyckhoff added.

In addition to the allegations of violence, the clinic has a number of issues with its staff and staff are not being trained properly, the doctor said.

“There’s a culture of abuse at the clinic,” he said.

The clinic was closed after a state audit revealed its staff had been sexually abusing patients, a violation of state law.

The clinic also faces a lawsuit over the deaths of at least three patients.

“It’s a disgrace to the profession,” Czaepnick said of the state’s findings.

The state’s attorney general has launched an investigation into the clinic and the clinic itself, and it is seeking a grand jury to investigate allegations of negligence and cover-ups.

The attorney general’s office has asked for the clinic to be closed for three months, while the county’s attorney is investigating.

The county is also looking into allegations of abuse and neglect of patients.

“There are a number issues here that need to be resolved,” Czeslawnick said, adding that “people need to get to the bottom of these allegations.”

Gila County Attorney Andrew Jones released a statement Thursday, saying he has requested an independent investigation into whether Gila is being used for commercial gain.

The report will be completed in about two weeks, and Jones said he hopes it will be released in the next few months.

“I’m hoping it’s done before the elections, because if it’s not done, I think the public will lose confidence in the county and we’ll be in a very bad place,” he told the local station.

“They’re not providing adequate care for patients, they’re not giving adequate care to patients and we need to figure out what’s going on here,” he added.


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