When an Alberta hospital is forced to close, a coronavirus outbreak sweeps the country

On the eve of the coronaviral pandemic, the hospital in Latham, Alberta, is being forced to shut down.

The closure will affect approximately 1,000 staff and affect hundreds of patients.

On Tuesday, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) announced it was closing down Latham General Hospital, which was established in 1997 and had more than 1,100 beds, in the wake of the pandemic.

The hospital, which has a total of nearly 1,400 beds, will also close its emergency department.

Its staff will be relocated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, a facility which has nearly 900 beds, the AHS said in a statement.

It added that its staff will not be moved to other facilities in Alberta.

“We are aware of a potential situation of staff being moved to another facility in Alberta due to the impact of the influenza virus outbreak in Alberta,” AHS director of communications Kim Drennan said in the statement.

“Staff who are in Lighthouse will be moved at their own risk.

There is no information that staff will lose their jobs in the process.”

Lighthouse General Hospital has been the centre of a string of health crises across Canada, including a pandemic that spread across the province.

The outbreak forced the closure of several hospitals in northern Alberta, and prompted the cancellation of more than 2,000 jobs.

In October, the province announced it would reopen its hospitals to patients in the midst of a pandemics pandemic in southern Alberta.

It is now expected to reopen by January.

“It’s very sad,” said Drenna on Monday.

“I feel for everyone who is affected.”

AHS was founded in 1998 as a community hospital, and the Latham Hospital has long been a place of medical expertise, especially in the areas of internal medicine and psychiatry.

Latham is a community health centre, which means that its patients come from all over the province, but it is also a centre of expertise in the area of infectious diseases and infectious hospitalisation.

The AHS says that it will maintain its staff through the pandemic, which will last until February.

The announcement comes amid heightened public concern over the coronave virus, and as health workers and public health officials grapple with the pandewise strain of the virus.

The province has set up a national health-care hotline to be able to connect patients with healthcare professionals.

Health officials have also been forced to implement tighter security measures in hospitals, including increased searches of residents.

In the province of Alberta, 1,200 staff are currently in temporary temporary positions, with more than 10,000 working as contracted health workers, the health ministry said in December.


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