Lincoln University doctor ‘welcomed’ by family

An internal medicine doctor who was fired from his job for his opposition to same-sex marriage has been welcomed by his family.

Dr Roewell said he was ‘blown away’ by the support from his colleagues and colleagues in the wider medical profession.

Dr David Roewells, who works at Lincoln University’s internal medicine department, was told he was being sacked by the university’s director of medicine and was told that his job had been changed, The Times reported.’

The reaction I’ve received has been incredible and it’s been overwhelming.

The support has been amazing, people coming up to me at home and talking to me, and the university has been great and supportive of me,’ he told the newspaper.

Dr Deacon John McGovern said his family had been ‘overwhelmed’ by support.’

It’s been a bit of a shock to the system, I can’t describe it.

I’ve never been so overwhelmed as I am right now,’ he said.’

I’m not really sure how I am going to cope.’

Dr Rooyell, a British citizen, had been with the university for a decade and was considered to be one of the most prestigious doctors in the country.

But last month, he told a gathering of the American Medical Association that he did not want to be part of the United States and was against the gay rights movement.

He said he had been the victim of discrimination because of his faith.’

We’re told that being gay is wrong, that it’s against the law, but to me that is a lie,’ he was quoted as saying.’

As a Christian I am completely opposed to gay marriage, as a Christian and as a physician, I believe that the natural rights of a human being should not be infringed upon.’

Dr McGovern, the vice-president of the Medical Association of Ireland, said the university had been supportive of his resignation.’

Our medical profession has to be in sync with society and our government and the people of Ireland,’ he added.’

This is a time of reflection for our medical profession and the way we think about sexuality, as well as our treatment of people with gender identity disorder and gender dysphoria.’


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