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Internal medicine is not a medicine that is well-known in football circles, but in this article we’ll try to help.

It’s a difficult subject to cover in detail because there is so much to cover.

We’ll look at some basic aspects of internal medicine and try to explain what it is and what it can do for the individual.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at what internal medicine is.

The concept of internal health is very much part of the medical vocabulary, as you will find out from Wikipedia.

It is a set of guidelines for the care of people who suffer from physical, psychological and mental conditions.

The term was coined by the Italian philosopher Giacomo Spinelli in the late 16th century.

Internal medicine can be defined as the treatment of diseases and the management of symptoms by medical professionals, which are not necessarily in the form of injections or surgery.

Internal Medicine is also known as physical health or medicine, but this term was not introduced until the mid-19th century by French physician Pierre-Louis Charcot, who called his practice of internal medical care the “Medicine of Health”.

In modern medicine, the concept of medicine was invented by the German-born physician, Carl Linnaeus, who described the treatment and management of disease in the 18th century as the science of medicine.

Today, internal medicine includes a wide range of treatments and procedures, such as: The diagnosis of disease


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