How to read an MRI in 18 words or less

Internal medicine consultants in Tennessee are looking to make a statement by using the terms fetal medicine and fetal imaging in their training materials.

Key points:Tuskaloos internal medicine consultants are expected to train at least one internal medicine patient for every three patients treated by their consultantsTuskallyos internal medical consultants are being encouraged to teach students how to interpret MRI results and how to conduct their own examsThe Tuskaloosh Medical Group says its training materials, which include the names of the specialist and the patient, are intended to help them prepare for an exam or consultation that will involve using the techniques of fetal medicine.

“I think the way it’s being used is something we’re excited about,” Tuskallyoosh Medical’s chief executive, Scott Coughlan, said.

“It’s not a marketing tool, but it’s something we feel very passionate about.”

The firm’s training materials will help train internal medicine practitioners to understand the difference between fetal imaging and ultrasound, and to use the techniques in their own practice.

“Our primary focus is to provide our internal medicine patients with the information that they need to better understand their condition, and how they can best treat themselves,” Mr Coughling said.

Tuskalyos internal doctors have been training since 2011 to train their patients in fetal medicine since the birth of the first Tuskaloa in 1995.

Tussles with the lawTuskalos internal medicine team was among the first to be fined after failing to inform its patients about the existence of fetal imaging, even though it had been advised it was legal.

Tuskaloos, which was founded in 2010, said it had advised its internal medicine practice to “not have images of fetuses on the staff”, and that it was “not aware” of any fetal imaging being performed at its clinic.

“We are very much aware of fetal image, fetal imaging is legal in Tennessee,” Mr Bower said.

“We just don’t have images on staff.”

Mr Coughall said Tuskalyas internal medicine was aware of the law and “there was a conversation” about the issue, but said he was not aware of any images being shared on the clinic’s website.

“At that point, we just said we were not aware that there was any fetal images being used on staff,” he said.

In a statement, Tuskalos said it was only after learning of the fines that it changed its training material.

“Tuskalloos’ internal medicine training materials do not mention fetal imaging or ultrasound and it is not clear if the training material is being used in a similar manner to those for external medicine,” it said.

The Tawny familyThe Taunoosh family, which operates the Tuskalaos clinic, was fined for not providing enough information to the parents of a child who died of complications of the Zika virus.

A spokesperson for the Tawnys told the ABC the family had “no information” on the existence or use of fetal images, and they had “not provided any information” to the Taunos, who were told they were operating an unlicensed health clinic.

Tawny’s said it complied with the Health Insurance Commission’s “medical consent form” for fetal images and ultrasound.

Taunoos internal physician, Chris Taunoa, said the practice was aware that fetal images were being used at its Taunyoosh clinic, but he said they did not think it was an issue because the clinic was “very safe”.

“We don’t know where the images are,” he told the BBC.

“The majority of cases are being referred to other clinics that are doing this.”

There’s a few instances where it has happened to us that it’s been very challenging to get access to that information.

“Taunoa said they had not seen any images of fetal imagery on their website, and said that although it was not an issue, they did “not think it’s an issue”.”

If there’s something on there that is not approved or approved, we would advise them that it would be a matter for the medical licensing board to determine,” he added.”

As long as there’s no images of an unborn child or fetus in there, it’s not an indication to use those images.

“Mr Taunooa said the family was still waiting for a ruling from the Health Licensing Authority, and hoped the Tessee’s would be able to provide information on the issue.”

That’s what we’re looking forward to,” he explained.”

If it is approved, then it’ll be very, very quickly, so hopefully we can get that information out there.


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