How to keep the doctor away from your son’s cancer diagnosis

The father of a son who was diagnosed with breast cancer has told ABC News that he was told by his doctor that he would not be allowed to visit him at home for treatment.

Key points:Dr Bruce Stokes told ABC that the family was “very upset” over the diagnosisAs he prepares for his first interview with the ABC, he says his wife has been “really supportive”He has been told he can visit only by his wife, but will not be able to bring her to the hospital as she is busy caring for her husbandThe family of a young woman who was told her son would not get a proper cancer diagnosis at the start of their life in a hospital has been devastated.

Dr Bruce Throckmorton said he was shocked by the news.

“My wife is devastated,” he said.

“It’s just terrible for our family.”

We have been very upset and we have been extremely concerned that my son will not get the proper cancer treatment and we are very upset about that.

“The doctors are not really understanding why this is happening.”

There’s a huge gap between what they are saying and what my son is experiencing and he’s been told that his family would be responsible for him, that we would be able visit him, but that he can’t.

“Dr Throckmorton has spent the last two months working as a hospital chaplain, with a focus on helping patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.”

They’re all pretty sick, some of them are cancer-positive,” he explained.”

A few are even cancer-free, and some are pretty sick.

“But a few are pretty, sick and are not.”

I’m hoping that by talking to them, by just giving them the support that they need, they can start to see some improvement.

“Dr Stokes is the first to admit that he had a difficult time understanding why his wife wanted to leave her husband.”

You have to get it right and there’s a lot of emotional work to be done and to understand what they want and what they’re asking for,” he told ABC radio.”

That’s what I was trying to do and I’m really disappointed that it wasn’t happening.

“DrThrockmortons hopes that his wife will be able and willing to visit their son again and will have a full, positive conversation with him.”

When she is able to come to the house and visit and talk to my son, she will be a lot more accepting and understanding and hopefully he will understand that she’s not going to get to see him anymore, and that he needs to be patient and she needs to see that,” he continued.”

If we can make that relationship work, then I hope it can work.

“DrStokes has spoken about the decision to leave his wife on Facebook.”

She’s been really supportive, she’s been very supportive,” he says.”

And I just wish that she would be more involved in her life, she would just be able see her husband more.

“Dr John Stokes said his wife had been in a very positive place and would be happy to see their son.”

Her support and my love and her support for my son has been amazing, and I just want her to know that we love her,” he added.

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