How To Deal With Racist Twitter Accounts

Racist social media accounts are getting increasingly common on the internet and in real life, and it’s no wonder: There’s a massive amount of misinformation out there, and the only way to combat misinformation is to fight it with information and information alone.

But what if there was a way to help fight hate speech without relying on the likes of Twitter?

That’s the aim of a new platform that lets users post a “tweet without the haters” and then “vote with their haters.”

If you’re looking to find the right platform for the internet’s most toxic social media platforms, this could be it.

The platform is called the Racist Haters’ Vote, and you can sign up for the service by signing up for a Twitter account or by downloading the free app.

Once you sign up, you can see all of the racists on the platform, as well as all the racist posts that have been tagged with the hashtag #RacistHatersVote.

The posts will then be filtered out by a bot that will filter out “trolls and white supremacists.”

The bot will also “filter out any hate speech” as well.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the concept of a racist haters vote.

Back in September, a new app called Anti-Racist Hatters’ Vote was released.

The platform features an app called “Vote” that allows users to create a list of people who have said racist things.

It then filters out the hate speech from each user on their list, and then it will rank these people based on their “hate speech” score.

It sounds like a decent idea, but it’s just another way to use a social media platform to create “hate content” against people.

It’s not like anti-racist groups are going to be doing any kind of concerted effort to fight the growing problem of racist hate speech on the Internet.

As the creator of the app points out, it’s really just a tool for “people to express their opinion without fear of retribution.”

This is why anti-racism campaigns are a bad idea.

When anti-Racism campaigns become a way of saying “I’m anti-hate speech and I’m going to take it down,” they end up helping to legitimize hateful speech on social media.

They help make the issue of racism in our society more visible and more pressing, and that’s a bad thing.

It makes it harder for people to engage in honest conversations about the issues of racism and inequality that are so prevalent in our communities.


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