Dr. David Gilford joins Recode for Inside Health’s Health at Work event

The CEO of the leading independent health care consulting company, Dr. Dave Gilford, has joined Recode’s Health At Work event.

The event kicks off this week with a special episode called “Beyond Borders: The Future of the Global Health Industry.”

In the segment, Gilford discusses his new book, The Future and Challenges of Global Health.

The podcast will also feature guests who have experience in the health care industry including:Diana Furchtgott-Roth, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Mayo Clinic and co-author of the bookTheodore B. Ross, MD and cofounder of the Health Sciences Innovation NetworkDr.

David Buss, MD Professor of Medicine and Head of Department of Epidemiology, Emory UniversityIn this episode, Gilfords wife, Annabelle, shares her thoughts on the book and how her husband’s passion for health care has impacted her life.