A day of family reunions in Waltham, Massachusetts


—  For more than a week, family members of a family who was killed by a Boston police officer have been reuniting for what they hope will be the final time at a Massachusetts hospital.

The family, which included a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year, 8-month-old girl, were returning from a walk with their newborn son at a hospital on Saturday when a car drove into them, killing them.

One of the baby’s parents is a nurse, and the other is a pediatrician.

It’s the latest chapter in the family’s journey since police say on Sunday that they shot and killed their infant son and 4-month old daughter.

It all started with a visit to the hospital where the infant had been taken.

Family members were shocked when they saw police officers in the lobby, wearing full body suits, carrying their weapons.

“The police had to stop us because of the threat, and then they got in the back of the ambulance and told us to get out,” said Michelle Bessette, who lives in the same building.

We didn’t know if we were going to be in a police car or not.

The first thing we thought was ‘what are they going to do?'””

Bessettes says she thought she was in the ambulance when the shots were fired. “

Then we saw police on the ground.”

Bessettes says she thought she was in the ambulance when the shots were fired.

When she got into the ambulance, she says the ambulance driver told her he was hit.

Bessette and her family have not heard from the police since the incident, and they’re still unsure what happened to the baby and the 4-months-old.

There was a video posted to social media of a police officer being shot, but it was taken down after a complaint was filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.

A spokesperson for the Boston Police Department told ABC News on Sunday morning that the department is looking into the video.

The Boston Police say they are aware of the incident.

“Our officers responded to the scene immediately, and there was a report of a person in the area who appeared to be unresponsive.

Our officers were able to locate the individual, who was transported to the intensive care unit for observation and evaluated for possible life-threatening injuries,” the statement read.

Bessetts son says he wants to know why he and his family were not arrested for the incident that happened just a few blocks away.

“I know that I wasn’t the one that did this,” said Brandon.

He says he wanted to know what happened, but now, he wants answers.

“When I first heard the shots, I was confused, and I didn’t understand what was going on, but I didn, I wanted to find out what happened,” said Bessett.

Police are asking anyone who saw the incident to call their tips line at (617) 343-1833.


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