Medications for anorexia nervosa patients

Internal medicine consultants at Cascade Health have been asked to evaluate a patient for an eating disorder, according to the company’s website.

The patient is a 35-year-old woman who is weighing 50 pounds and has been on medications for several years.

The woman recently sought medical attention after suffering an abdominal anorexis and had had her appetite severely reduced, according the company.

The consultant was tasked with performing an internal medicine exam on the patient to determine if she was anorectic or not.

“In her case, we found that she had anorectal anorevulsation and a large gastric obstruction,” the website states.

The article states that a review of the patient’s medical records showed that she was diagnosed with anorection-like symptoms, including a decrease in appetite and an increased appetite.

The clinic had referred the patient for evaluation by an internal doctor.

The site did not provide further details. 

In an email to The Next News, Cascade Health spokesperson David Lathrop said the company is aware of the situation.

“We are investigating the circumstances and are working with our consultants to determine the best course of action for our patient,” Lathro said.

He added that the company does not condone or condone anorexes. 

“It is important that patients receive the appropriate care and support,” Lathsrop said. 

According to an article published by Medscape Medical News, anorexus is a disorder characterized by an inability to control weight or energy levels, which can result in the sufferer being unable to perform basic daily tasks, such as eating or drinking.

Symptoms of anorexa-like eating disorders include extreme weight loss and an inability or inability to maintain a normal level of weight.


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