How to use the app for free for a few days:

Internal medicine (Urology, Pediatrics and Gynaecology) students, doctors and nurses are encouraged to take the app to try and make a few bucks, but there are limits.

The app allows users to view a large amount of images, including images of patients who have died and those of deceased relatives.

Its users also can search for specific patients or locations to see if they have seen that patient in the past.

This can be used to see what hospital or clinics they are at and whether they have recently seen someone.

However, it doesn’t allow users to get into the medical history of patients or to see medical images that are being shared in the app, according to a spokesperson for the app.

Instead, it offers an app that allows users the ability to search by the images they have uploaded, the spokesperson said.

That information is then stored on the users devices and can be shared with the family.

In addition, the app is also allowing users to create a group of people and invite them to be in the group and they can see their friends and family members.

Users can then share the group image on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

If they are not a member of a family, they can also be invited to the group.

Some of the users have also shared images on Instagram with the caption “I love you so much” and “I’ll never be able to explain why this is the only person I know”, the spokesperson told News24.

While this is an app with a focus on saving money, there are some other features that are not in the standard medical app, including:• There are no free trials available to use it for a week.• Users can view photos of people they have saved and those that have died, but they have to register before they can do that.•The app does not allow you to share the images with your friends.


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